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Animals Multiple Choice Words Worksheets

1. The ability of an animal to change its behavior and characteristics in order to survive in its environment.
A) omnivore  B) extinct  C) prey  D) adapt  
2. The natural coloration and/or markings of an animal that allow it to visually blend in with its surroundings, helping it to avoid detection by predators or potential prey.
A) camouflage  B) bird  C) herbivore  D) predator  
3. The characteristics of the native environment in which an animal normally lives.
A) carnivore  B) reptile  C) amphibian  D) habitat  
4. The interaction of organisms with their immediate environment or habitat that provides a functional, beneficial, and self-sustaining co-existence.
A) camouflage  B) ecosystem  C) habitat  D) bird  
5. A classification of warm-blooded, vertebrate animals that have hair or fur and are usually live-bearers instead of laying eggs.
A) mammal  B) bird  C) reptile  D) adapt  
6. A classification of cold-blooded, vertebrate animals that usually have scales and lay eggs; common members include snakes, lizards, alligators, and turtles.
A) mammal  B) reptile  C) adapt  D) predator  
7. A classification of cold-blooded, vertebrate animals that usually have smooth skin and spend the first stages of their life as aquatic animals with gills.
A) predator  B) herbivore  C) amphibian  D) carnivore  

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