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Environment Words What is the Word Worksheet

Word Definition
the act of promoting the responsible, renewable consumption of the natural resources of the earth to protect the environment and its natural resources from contamination or depletion
the harmful, often toxic, human produced contaminates that disrupt or destroy an ecosystem or natural resource
when the environment or an ecosystem has been damaged by the introduction of a harmful, often toxic substance destroying a natural resource and the dependant plant and animal life
causing a plant or animal species or organism to no longer exist, usually due to over-hunting or destruction of an ecosystem
the effect of altering the natural environment, mostly by overpopulation, over-cultivating, altering the natural flow of water, and introduction of non-native plant life; degrading the soil to the point it can no longer sustain life causing dry
the often toxic by-product produced by various industrialized activities that are usually very harmful to the environment and cause contamination
the act of protecting the environment and its resources by removing all human influence or interaction
a natural resource that can be replenished via natural processes
the process by which a society is transformed from a pre-industrial state to an industrial one, often causing a rise in pollution and ill effects on the environment
the act of using, often to the detriment of the environment, the planets natural resources
to use a resource via methods that do not deplete the supply of the resource
the beneficial, balanced interaction and interdependency of the environment and the organisms that live within it
to create new products by reusing and processing used materials
the over-consumption and misuse of the environment and its natural resources
any substance relating to or originating from a living organism

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