Inventors What is the Definition Worksheet Answer Key

Word Answer
Curie Polish woman physicist and chemist who discovered radium and polonium
Sholes American publisher and politician who invented the first typewriter and qwerty keyboard
Carrier American engineer and inventor most known for inventing air conditioning
Morse American painter and inventor that created the Morse code system
Gutenberg German goldsmith and printer and the inventor of the printing press
Fleming Scottish pharmacologist and biologist that discovered penicillin
Whitney American inventor most known for the invention of the cotton gin
Drew African American physician who developed blood banks
Granjean a toy inventor that is most famous for the Etch-a-Sketch
Fulton an American engineer and inventor who developed the first steamboat and designed the first submarine
Franklin well-known scientist and politician remembered for his discoveries in electricity
Edison American inventor and scientist most known for the development of the phonograph and light bulb
Strauss German-Jewish immigrant who founded the first blue jean manufacturer
Watt a mechanical engineer and inventor who is most famous for the development of the steam engine and for whom the system of measuring the rate of energy conversion was named
Bell scientist and inventor credited with inventing the telephone

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