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Recycling Vocabulary List & Definitions

Words Definitions
1. Aluminum The most common element in the crust, is a silvery white chemical element
2. Cardboard A thin and stiff board used to make boxes or signs
3. Compost A mixture of decaying natural items that can be used for fertilizer
4. Can A container, usually aluminum, designed to hold a beverage
5. Decomposers An orgamism such as bacteria that breaks down dead plant or animal cells into smaller substances
6. Electronics A branch of science that deals with the flowing of electrons
7. Glass A solid, clear, and easily breakable material often used to make windows or bottles
8. Metal An element such as gold, silver, or copper that has highly conductible
9. Newspaper A regularly printed publication that generally contains news, business, and sports updates
10. Plastic A wide range of materials that can be shaped when soft and then hardened
11. Paper Something made of wood pulp that is often used to write or draw on
12. Steel An artifically produced, modified form of iron
13. Textiles A cloth made by weaving or knitting
14. Tires A band or rubber that can be inflated and placed over a wheel rim and used for cars
15. Worms A long, soft invertebrate without legs that inches forward to move

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