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Recycling Word Search Puzzle

Note: members can make word searches in the following shapes: circles, clovers, diamonds, smiles, squares, stars, and triangles.

1 To produce another individual or organism

2 The part of the plant that grows down into the soil, absorbing nutrients and anchoring it

3 The stalk that supports the flower or leaves on a plant

4 A plant generally grown for its beauty

5 Organisms that grow in nature and produce their own food

6 A green petal that grows on the sides of a plant

7 The fertilized part of the plant, also referred to as a kernel

8 The flower of a plant

9 The part of the plant that is long and thin and trails or climbs by winding itself around

10 Part of the ground or earth

11. The sky and space around the earth made up of various gases

12. The process of moving, of being in motion

13. To increase in size

14. Something that is alive

15. A substance occurring in nature that is not animal or vegetable

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