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Wild Weather Vocabulary Decoder Worksheet

Match the letters of the words to the numbers of the definitions.

A =  B =  C =  D =  E = 
F =  G =  H =  I =  J = 
K =  L =  M =  N =  O = 
A. Tornado  B. Fujita  C. Hail  D. Blizzard  E. Monsoon 
F. Fog  G. Hurricane  H. Radar  I. Thunder  J. Drought 
K. Frost  L. Tropical  M. Lightning  N. Cyclone  O. Snow 

1. The freezing of water vapor on the ground or another surface

2. Hot and humid weather

3. Winds that spiral inwardly in areas of low pressure

4. A loud and explosive noise produced by lightning discharge

5. A period characterized by lack of precipitation

6. A storm with intense snow and strong winds

7. A scale for rating the intensity of tornadoes

8. A bright, electric spark in the atmosphere

9. A method for detecting distant objects by analyzing the high frequency radio waves they project

10. Precipitation of ice crystals

11. A violent tropical storm with strong winds

12. A cloudlike mass of water droplets that reduces visibility

13. A strong wind between water and land

14. A shower of balls of ice

15. A violently destructive windstorm that occurs over land

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