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Wild Weather Word Search Puzzle

Note: members can make word searches in the following shapes: circles, clovers, diamonds, smiles, squares, stars, and triangles.

1 A period characterized by lack of precipitation
2 A method for detecting distant objects by analyzing the high frequency radio waves they project
3 The freezing of water vapor on the ground or another surface
4 Hot and humid weather
5 A scale for rating the intensity of tornadoes
6 A strong wind between water and land
7 Winds that spiral inwardly in areas of low pressure
8 A bright, electric spark in the atmosphere
9 A shower of balls of ice
10 A cloudlike mass of water droplets that reduces visibility
11. A violently destructive windstorm that occurs over land
12. A violent tropical storm with strong winds
13. A storm with intense snow and strong winds
14. Precipitation of ice crystals
15. A loud and explosive noise produced by lightning discharge

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